The Oxborough History Group was formed in April 2014 as a community organisation for people to meet, discuss and share their interest in the history and heritage of Oxborough, Norfolk, UK, and the local area. Research is continuing, including how the village has complemented the iconic Oxburgh Hall since the 15th century through local employment, through the manorial landscape and through the farming community. It also includes the men from the village who served in the First World War, local schools and houses, and archaeological heritage.

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Oxborough History​ Group

Oxborough Local History and Heritage

​                                                                                                                    Kelvin Smith

Kelvin didn't come to Oxborough till 2011 – but he quickly grew to love it here. Very luckily for the village, he brought to his all too brief retirement here, extensive knowledge and archival skills acquired during his 40 years working at The National Archives in Kew.
Very sadly, Kelvin died in August 2018, after a year battling an aggressive brain tumour. His enormous drive, enthusiasm and focus thankfully meant that, whilst fit, his time here was admirably productive, in a characteristically quiet and unassuming way.  Among his many contributions and achievements was his prime role in establishing Oxborough History Group along with this accompanying website. One of his greatest legacies - very aptly, given the approaching centenary of the start of World War 1 – is his research around the people behind the names listed on Oxborough’s Roll of Honour. In two separate publications  The Oxborough Five  and  The Oxborough Roll of Honour  Kelvin, within the social, political and economic setting of the time, brings very moving human identity to the stories surrounding each of the twenty-eight men who served in the First World War, respectively, the five who did not return, and the 23 who did come back, but for whom life was never the same again.
A great debt of gratitude is owed to Kelvin who shared his expertise, knowledge and friendship extensively and most generously, both here in Oxborough, as well as nearby villages.  He is  greatly missed.

A group for people interested in exploring, researching and preserving the history of Oxborough, Norfolk