The Group has digital and paper copies of maps of Oxborough from 1722 to 1980.

Click on the appropriate title to see a copy of the map (underlined).

Part of the 1722 map by Philip Wissiter, showing the lands of Sir Henry Bedingfeld. The map shows fields and field names. The Bedingfeld lands are coloured to indicate arable or pasture/meadow land, with the ownership of other lands given. The map includes perspective views of Oxburgh Hall, the church and the village houses.

The original map is held by the Norfolk Record Office, ref BRA 2524/1, and has been reproduced with their permission.

Part of the 1725 map by I.I. de Wilstar, showing the Manor of Oxborough, belonging to Sir Henry Bedingfeld. The whole map shows fields and field names. Names of occupiers of tenements are given. Oxburgh Hall is shown and several new roads are marked.

The original map is held by the Norfolk Record Office, ref BRA 2524/2, and has been reproduced with their permission.

Part of Milne's map of Norfolk (1790-94), showing Oxborough and the surrounding district.

Part of a Norfolk map (18th century)

Ordnance Survey map of 1830. Also a copy of the same map showing boundary changes.

Crown copyright 1830

Map of 1844 with reference book

The map appears to be a draft of the tithe map and the reference book provides a key to land and property occupiers.

Tithe map of 1845. Two versions of the map - one presentational and one working.

The original maps are held by the Norfolk Record Office, ref PD 139/19, and have been reproduced with their permission.

Ordnance Survey map of 1880.

Crown copyright 1880

Ordnance Survey map of 1905, showing numbered properties for the 1910 Valuation Office survey (The numbers correspond to numbered descriptions in the Field Books). See here for information about the Valuation Office survey.

Crown copyright 1905. Valuation Survey details reproduced by permission of The National Archives.

Ordnance Survey map of 1940.

Crown copyright 1940.

Map of the Bedingfeld Estate in 1951. This was used as part of the auction of Oxburgh Hall.

Reproduced by kind permission of The National Trust.

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