Church of St John the Evangelist - 28th April 1948

   This report comprises a description of the events on and after 28th April 1948 when the church tower and

   spire collapsed.

   Supplements to the report show newspaper reports of the disaster and its aftermath:

   Newspaper report 1

   Newspaper report 2

   Newspaper report 3

   Newspaper report 4

   Newspaper report 5

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   Public House in Oxborough

   This report describes the origins (locations, landlords, etc) of the public house in Oxborough from the 18th  

   century to the present day.

   Road Layout in Oxborough

   This report describes how the layout of the roads in Oxborough has changed from 1500 to the present day.

   The Oxborough Tithe Map 1845

   This report examines the 1845 tithe map and apportionment, and describes the buildings and occupants of

   the village at that time.


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